Digital Stage 2015 – Insights on the Swiss Theaters Digital Landscape

Ten years ago I coded the first version of a Swiss theater. At that time, the digital landscape was pretty different. There was no social network, complicated emailing sys- tems and online payments were almost nonexistent.

Today, just at the start of this new cultural season, a lot has changed. I’m very interested in this domain so I start- ed to do some research. I’ve ended up with quite some data which I thought could be interesting for others.

This infographic shows a quick summary, the full report is available in PDF (see below).



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The full report is available for free . You will get more insights on Page Speed comparaison and Newsletter usage and much more. Just send us an email.

Thank you to Catherine Nelson-PollardEugène Schoen and Antoine for helping with the reviewing of this document. If you have comments or questions to this analysis about the swiss culture digital landscape, post them below.