A custom 3D watch configurator

Innovation Meets Tradition: Allowing users to design a fully custom Swiss watch in 3D and in real-time.

Copyright: MezPhotographie

Client: Initium Watches
Industry: Watchmaking
Year: 2023
Web integration: Raccoon
3d Modeling: Aliasing

Our role

  • Act as a project manager on a wide project with implications from design to inventory management.
  • Provide a solution for users to fully configure their custom watch online.
  • Organise the modelisation of all the watch components.
  • Create a backend solution of tracking the custom watches and their components.

The results

A bespoke 3d configurator

Initium offers a unique product and experience. For its newest product, the watchmaking kit, Initium needed to provide a digital alternative for choosing the components and visualising the end product. This was previously done in its workshops but needed to be available online.

Millions of combinations possible.

Creating 3D models of watch components is one thing. Allowing those components to be rendered in real-time in a browser is something else. The limitations relative to real-time performance and the huge variety of devices where the configurator would be shown had to be taken into account. Around 350 different components with varying complexity levels and materials were added to the configurator.

The best technical solution.

Different approaches were considered: From a fully custom built application to a totally outsourced project. Finally, a very cost effective architecture was chosen. An internal project manager, an external 3D artist combined with an already available technical solution. We delivered the best solution within a limited budget.

“A big step forward achieved in large part thanks to our Chief CTO Yann Graf, who managed this project in-house with a master’s hand. “

Mathieu Gigandet, Founder, Initium Watches

Back-end technology

A big part of the project was also to structure the back-end. Each watch generated will result in an unique ID and can be traced. An inventory management system was set up to cater for the increased complexity of full-fillment, client order history and future Customer service needs.


You can configure your custom watch here.