Linkedin SEO optimization – How to rank high for your Keyword?


Actually I have no tips which work for you here! Sorry but instead I would like to receive your tips and feedbacks. Still, I’ll share my experience with you.

A couple of weeks ago I subscribed for a Premium Linkedin profile (remember I’m a job seeker). I had the surprise to see with which keywords the people would find my profile. It was rather disappointing. You can have a look to the list. There were no really relevant keywords. I don’t really care the I rank well for “ch”…

I started to dig into this subject in order to better understand how to rank well for keywords which really matter for me (digital project manager, online communication, … ).

Linkedin Seo Optimization: some tips

I’m really no expert with this topic, but here are some tips I gathered around the web.

  • You headline: This seems to be the key element, having the right keywords here has the most impact. I changed mine to “Digital Communication Specialist | Social Media Strategist | Open for new challenge“.
  • Your experience: If I look at my current keywords they seem to have a lot of impact.
  • Recommendations: I have read, recos help for your ranking. The best would be to have between 5-10 of them.
  • Endorsements: They don’t seem to be important at this point, but Linkedin plans to give more weight to those in the future.
  • Links to your profile (?) – I’m wondering if Linkedin takes in account inbound links from around the web. And idea about this?
  • The obvious stuff: fill completely your profil,put a great profile picture, get connection

Results: none 🙁

In the end nothing worked. 1 month later, my keywords didn’t change. I didn’t see any increase in number of times my profile appeared in the Linkedin Search. Nothing! Nada.

What are your ideas for a better Linkedin Search ranking? I could really use you help here. Thank you.